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Simply answer 15 questions using our online tool to confirm what you are looking for. The tool will then build a profile from your answers and use smart technology to match you to the firms on our panel. Your results are then generated and presented to you as a short-list of highest-ranking firms.


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At a time that is convenient, we will call you to confirm your shortlist and identify which professionals are best-placed to serve you. Relationship is important: we will identify someone that has the skills that you need, and someone that you can trust.


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We support you with insight and information to secure the best deal to protect and grow your wealth. Fees are always negotiable. We provide access to the information that will help you review and compare your options so you can make the right choice.

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Why use us instead of going direct?

Why use us?


Direct access to over 30 wealth management firms that we have screened to ensure they meet our quality standards

Fast & accurate

Within minutes our smart online tool helps you clarify your needs and matches them to a firms specialities


Our team will use their in-depth industry knowledge to identify which professionals are best-placed to serve you

Save money

Our service puts the firms in competition for your business. That means better service and cheaper fees for you


We are the most cost-efficient way for the industry to meet new clients so the wealth managers pay us - not you

What is your current situation?

If you have over £150,000 invested or available to invest and are exploring your tax and wealth planning options, click the section below that relates to you

Why you need the right professional to manage your money

Having your investments managed by a professional who has access to the best research combined with a structured investment process will increase your opportunities and minimise your risk.

Better Performance

Better Performance

Effective Risk Management

Effective Risk Management

Breadth of Services

Breadth of Services

"I was growing tired of the service I was receiving from my existing investment manager. They weren't proactive at all and for the fees I was paying I felt I could expect more. The FWM team helped me understand what my alternatives were and then put me in touch with specific individuals at some very well matched wealth management firms that they felt I would get along with; that was the icing on the cake.”

Mr L Hall

“As an entrepreneur all my spare cash had previously been fed straight back into my business. When I came to sell I needed a lot of help with tax advice and cashflow forecasting while I planned my next venture. I had tried to do my own research to find a suitable firm but it was so laborious; It became clear that although I thought I knew what I needed, there was so much more that I had not considered. made the process quick and easy. It was such a relief."

Ms P Woolenden

“I had a number of pension pots but I had no idea what they amounted to, or more importantly when I could retire! FWM helped me find a wealth manager that pulled everything together and clearly mapped out my route to retirement so I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I sleep better at night now that I have my ducks in a row."

Mr B. Andrews