About findaWEALTHMANAGER.com

Our mission is to provide investors with an objective, fast and free method of finding the right wealth manager for their profile and needs – while also giving wealth management firms a more effective way to find new clients that are aligned with their services.

We have helped thousands of affluent individuals research, compare and find their ideal wealth managers with the benefit of saved time, lower fees and better performance.

Our smart tool will identify the firms that match a client’s profile and then our independent team help them prepare for discussions with their chosen wealth managers.  There is no obligation to commit, just the opportunity to fast track through the industry to find compatible investment professionals.

Don’t worry if you are not ready to get matched to firms; you can research and compare using our whole of market directory or just enjoy our subscription free insights.

Why you need the right professional to manage your money

Having your investments managed by a professional who has access to the best research combined with a structured investment process will increase your opportunities and minimise your risk.

Better Performance

Better performance

Effective Risk Management

Risk management

Breadth of Services

Breadth of services