Brown Advisory

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Investment Manager
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Brown Advisory Factfile

Brown Advisory
Nick Andjel
Portfolio Manager

Brown Advisory is an independent investment firm committed to serving its clients by delivering a combination of first-class investment performance, strategic advice and the highest level of service. Founded in 1993 as an affiliate of Alex. Brown & Sons, a leading U.S. investment bank, Brown Advisory became independent in 1998 and today serves families and institutions based in 25 countries.

Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Composition Mixture
Contact person Investment manager
Fee structure Annual fee
Min. account size £1,000,000
Questions to ask?

Questions to ask?

How do their fees work?
Where is your money held?
What we like

What we like

A boutique with experienced team
Also experts in US clients, which is rare!
Strong investment team

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