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Investment Manager
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James Hambro & Partners Factfile

James Hambro & Partners - Rosie Bullard
Rosie Bullard
CFA | Partner - Portfolio Manager

Formed in 2010, James Hambro and Partners is an independently-owned Private Asset Management and Financial Planning group combining a comprehensive client service with institutional-quality investment management, whilst also providing expert guidance on creating, protecting and passing on wealth. Our partners have an average of 25 years experience in financial markets, covering both investment management and financial planning.

Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Composition Fund, direct, mixture, ethical
In-house service
Pension advice
Tax efficient investments
How we charge Within account fee
Contact person Investment manager
Fee structure Annual fee
Min. account size Trackers, direct equities, direct bonds
Portfolio lending
Mortgages (residential)
Typical minimum mortgage
Other finance
Online dealing
Margin accounts
Retail banking
Ethical investing
Questions to ask?

Questions to ask?

Who is the custodian?
What is the average age of their advisors?
Can I meet senior management?
What we like

What we like

Institutional level investmenet management
New look with a traditional approach
Smaller and more nimble
Holistic financial planning service

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