Kleinwort Benson

Service provider
Private Bank
Min. account size
Part of a listed group
Size of wealth manager

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Kleinwort Benson Factfile

Formed in 1961 as a merger of two merchant banks, Kleinwort Benson is now an independently owned private bank offering private clients a full wealth management service from banking, to financial planning, to investment management.

Contact person Relationship manager
Fee structure Annual fee
Min. account size £1,000,000
Contact person Relationship manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Composition Fund, direct, tracker, mixture
In-house service
Pension advice
Tax efficient investments
How we charge Within account fee
Portfolio lending
Mortgages (residential)
Typical minimum mortgage
Other finance Jet, yacht, art
Online dealing
Timezones UK, US, Asia
Margin accounts
Retail banking
Ethical investing

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