KW Wealth

Service provider
Investment Manager
Min. account size
Listed on stock market
Size of wealth manager
UK Wide

KW Wealth Factfile

Dean Crouch
Investment Manager

Hello. We are KW Wealth. People often ask what sets us apart. Luckily, that's an easy question to answer - it's our people and the way we do things. Our goal is simple: to protect and grow our clients’ wealth. We think that's an enormous and very rewarding responsibility. Our team includes Chartered Financial Planners, Chartered Wealth Managers and in total some 70 professionals. We look after about £1.8 billion of client assets, and our approach is to work with our clients to plan their long term needs and ensure that their money gives them the lifestyle they want and deserve.

Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio types Model & bespoke
Composition Fund, direct,tracker, mixture
Contact person Investment manager
Fee structure Annual fee
Min. account size £250,000
In-house service
Pension advice
Tax efficient investments
How we charge Within account fee

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