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Harry Catchpole Tribe
Harry Catchpole

We're impact wealth managers. That means we align the financial requirements you need with the values you care about. We build portfolios that generate both financial return and positive impact.
Historically, ethical investing has often been associated with lower returns. Our approach represents an evolution from this. In fact, we believe sustainable financial returns can only be come from sustainable investing approaches.

We can only create these portfolios by understanding you: your motivations, beliefs and values. Once we’ve done this, we will help your wealth to reflect who you are.

Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio types Model, bespoke
Portfolio Composition Direct securitues, passive trackers, mixed porfolios, sustainable /ethical
Investment classes Equities, ETFs, funds, private equity, FX, bonds, structured products
Contact person Investment manager
Portfolio Types Equities, funds, cash deposits, ETFs, private equity, FX, bonds, hedge funds
Min. account size £1,000,000
Fee structure Transactional
Outsourced Offshore planning, trusts, retirement planning, inheritance planning
Charging structure Flat fee
Execution investment management
Ethical investing

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Questions to ask?

Questions to ask?

What is Impact Investing?
What is their investment screening process?
Will my adviser also manage my investments?
What we like

What we like

A focus on clients who are thoughtful about the impact their money and investments can have on the world.
Staffed by caring individuals who have long experience and a strong client focus.
Impact investments focus on addressing major social and environmental challenges whilst generating financial returns.

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