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Nick Middleton UBS
Nick Middleton

UBS SmartWealth provides a low-entry platform with access to their full expertise and big brand reputation. With a starting investment of just £15,000, clients benefit from a personalised investment strategy, aligned with their finances, investment goals and attitude to risk.

New to investing or diverting some funds from other investments, including ISAs, the UBS SmartWealth experts watch the markets, handle the day-to-day details and respond to market events to help keep their client's money growing.

Contact person Client management team
Portfolio types Model
Composition Fund, tracker, mixture

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Questions to ask?

Questions to ask?

Can I access other services besides limited advice?
How do I plan and track my goals?
How personal is the service?
What we like

What we like

Low entry platform backed by global brand
Access insights of UBS's extensive network of 900+ investment experts
A brand you can stick with as your wealth grows

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